7 ways to learn average body fat percentage

7 ways to learn average body fat percentage
When summer ends, your appetite would return in autumn. There are various seasonal food, such as Pacific saury, matsutake mushrooms, salmon, sweet potato, ginkgo, chestnut and pear. However you may be worried about weight gain.

When you think about a good figure, you should check your body fat percentage rather than weight. The body fat percentage is the total mass of fat divided by total body mass, and indicates how your figure is.

If you want to get or maintain a good figure, you should learn your body fat average and go on a diet to lose body fat. Here are some ways to maintain your figure and body fat percentage.

7 ways to learn average body fat percentage


What is body fat percentage?

Obesity is a condition in which excess body fat has accumulated. So how much body fat do we need? Recommended percentages are men under 30 with 14 – 20%, over 30 with 17 -23%, and women under 30 with 17 – 24%, and over 30 with 20 -27%.

For a professional athlete, his/her percentage may be less than 10%. However, if a body fat percent is quite low, your body temperature will drop low and your muscles don’t work properly. For woman, her period may stop and it can cause precocious menopause.

It can be ideal to maintain your proper body fat percentage. However, if you want to drop it, you should talk to your doctor / physical therapist.


What does your percentage look like?

Let’s check the body fat percentages of celebrities and know what different percentage look like.

– Less than 5%: Yuto Nagatomo (footballer), Gackt (entertainer), Yoshio Kojima (comedian)
– 5- 10% : Ichiro (baseball player), Tomoharu Shoji (comedian), Keisuke Honda (footballer), Takuya Kimura (entertainer)
– Around 10 -15% : Yu Yamada (fashion model), Aya Ueto (actress), Hiroyuki Yabe (comedian), Katsunori Takahashi (actor)
– 20 -29% : Norika Fujiwara (actress), Bibiru Oki (comedian)
– 30 – 39% : Shinji Uchiyama (entertainer), Mori sanchu (entertainers), Hikaru Ijuin (entertainer)
– 40 – 49% : Kunihiro Matsumura (entertainer), Hidehiko Ishizuka (entertainer), Haruna Kondo (entertainer)
– 50 – 59% : Kumiko Mori (opera singer), Naomi Watanabe (comedian), Kanako Yanagihara (comedian)

Could you have a mental image of how you look like? Speaking of appearances, obesity seems to be over 30% for both men and women. In order to succeed with your diet, you should set a goal.

When you set a goal, you can be achieving it. Decide your ideal percentage and have a image of your body shape. It can be effective to keep your goal in mind by putting a photo of your ideal celebrities downloading it for your mobile phone


Let’s check your body fat!

Next, let’s check your body fat. Your body fat can be measured by a body fat scale. Your percentage varies with body water content, so you should measure several times to know your accurate percentage.

You should measure at the same time of a day and in the same condition to know changes in your percentage. It is ideal to measure it before having dinner, which is around 4 – 5:30pm. If it is difficult, try to measure at the same time and avoid before your period, after exercise, meal and bath, and after staying up all night. The average is your body fat percentage.


Let’s maintain your body fat using a scale!

There are some body fat scales with useful functions. The best one is that your data can be recorded automatically. It can be transmitted and recorded with your smartphone.

You can check the history using a graph. If your percentage is decreasing smoothly, you would get motivated. The key points to lose weight is “visualised” and “history”. If you plan to buy one, you should check such functions.


How many calories should you eat to lose weight?

It is effective to lose body fat by eating diet with limited variety. However, extreme diets may not help you drop your fat. Let’s learn proper diets to lose your body fat.

Calories you require to lose weight is 20% cut of your daily calories. Average requirement is 2,300 calories for men and 1,800 calories for women. This means that in order to lose body fat, 1,840 calories is required for men and 1,440 calories for men. The calories should be divided by 3 times. The point is to eat more calories in the morning than at night.

You shouldn’t have only two meals per day to reduce calories. If you skip a meal, you tend to gain weight. Also, there is a no-carb diet.

If you cut carbs, you can’t get enough and protein can be used as energy. When you don’t have enough protein, as a result, you would lose muscles and it could be hard to lose your fat.

If you want to reduce calories, just cut sugar rather than carbs as there are 9 kcal per gram. This means that there are twice as much as in carbs. So, it is effective to cut sugar.

Try to avoid deep-fried food, junk food, snacks, food contains starch and sweet food and dessert. If you can manage it, your body fat will be reduced gradually.


Let’s burn body fat with cardio workouts!

The best exercise to burn body fat is cardio workouts, including walking, jogging and swimming. The point is to breathe easily and to do slowly and for a long time.

A light exercise can burn both fat and sugar. For the first 20 minutes of exercise, you burn sugar, and then after that, you burn fat. So you should try to keep exercising for more than 20 minutes.


Let’s have a bath and burn your body fat!

If you prefer having a shower, you should switch to have a bath. It is ideal to soak in warm water for 30 – 40 minutes. The advantages of having a bath are that you can cure your tiredness and feel relaxed. Also, you can burn your body fat by raising your body temperature.

Furthermore, it is effective to burn body fat by improving blood circulation. You can try a massage, listen to music, and enjoy aromatherapy. It is good to reduce stress caused by being on diet.

Try to enjoy having a bath. If you don’t want to soak, you can soak only your feet. For example, you can soak your feet in warm water in a bucket when washing your hair and body. The ideal time is around 10 minutes in this way.


Did you learn average body fat percentage to lose weight? It is not difficult. Just try and you will find some differences.

After that, “your history” will encourage you. When you are working well, you would get motivated and enjoy your life. And then, the good life will be just around the corner, so why don’t you start from now on?



7 ways to learn average body fat percentage

– What is body fat percentage?
– What does your percentage look like?
– Let’s check your body fat!
– Let’s maintain your body fat using a scale!
– How many calories should you eat to lose weight?
– Let’s burn body fat with cardio workout!
– Let’s have a bath and burn your body fat!

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