Learn small caring behaviors to be attractive man!

Learn small caring behaviors to be attractive!
He is not that good looking, but why is he so popular? There are men who are popular among women for some reasons. On the other hand, some have good looking but have no partner, or relationship with woman doesn’t develop to love. What makes a difference?

First of all, you should understand how women are looking at men. Impression of men seen from women and men greatly differ. It is the same as that things women consider “cute” can not be understood by men.

Then, what is the difference between attractive man and who are not? It is whether “you are capturing women’s heart or not”. If you think you already know how to deal with women, maybe you don’t need to read farther.

If you think “I can’t really understand women’s feelings”, then you will sure to change and become an attractive man from tomorrow with this article. Here are 7 easy tips to be attractive.

You don’t need to exercise your body, or have cosmetic surgery. No need to change your character or make a fruitless effort. Learn 7 tips and have a lead from other men around you.

Learn small caring behaviors to be attractive man!


-Say pleasant greetings

Attractive man greet a bit different. He can greet people “pleasantly”. What is good about this greeting is that you can make an impression that you are “easy to talk to”.

By becoming a easy person to talk to, you can increase chances to meet new people. Also, the meaning of your existence is reinforced. This greeting is made up of “smile” and “cheerful and energetic voice”.

If you are not good at smiling, practice in front of a mirror. For a voice, the tone doesn’t matter. Just talk in natural tone you can easily talk with.

Also by just looking straight, you can talk in more cheerful voice. Attractive man greet pleasantly unconsciously and making good impression to people.


-Look into eyes when talking

Next, let’s look back at your behavior in daily life. Do you look into people’s eyes when talking to them? This makes a difference in trust.

To be trusted is good thing in business and also important to be attractive. By looking into eyes, people feel “this person is seriously saying his opinion to me” and feel that their existence value is accepted.

On the other hand, if you are just looking somewhere in the air, people would lose their interest in your talking. If it is with a woman, she might think “he just want to talk, and it doesn’t have to be with me”, and possibly pushes aside as an interest of love.

Wasting a chance. You would want to avoid it. By treasuring every encounter, personal relationship changes greatly. Even if a person is not close to you, exchanging few words will make you “acquaintances”.

You are not strangers anymore. As a manner, facing people seriously will decide whether you can be an attractive man or not.


-Be careful about appearances

Even if behaviors are of attractive man, your atmosphere can ruin it. Women won’t love someone who makes them feel ashamed to be with. Such people means unclean men.

People are very sensitive to cleanliness even if you don’t care about it. You need to be careful especially body odors or things released from you. Try using perfume, it doesn’t need to be expensive one. Impression of scent to people is great. It doesn’t have to be strong scent. Select ones which subtle and clean scent of it makes people feel good.

Also keep beard and eyebrows neatly as much as possible. Cleanliness of face is determined by these two. Then mind about clothes. What do you usually wear? Your taste is not so important here.

The important thing is “do you wash your clothes every time you wear them?”, “don’t you dress all in black?”, and “don’t you dress in similar clothes every day?”. If you care about these three points, you have no problem. Always keep in mind about cleanliness. It will change your atmosphere.


-Think positively

Next is your inner aspect. The point is not to change your personality entirely. You can do so, but you will eventually feel negative later, so you shouldn’t. ( I will explain the reason later in tip 7.)

By trying to think positively, you can be optimistic, and can be kind to people. You won’t feel frustrated by small things, and can be generous to others.

As a result, people will think of you as a kind and capacious person. These two can be said as the No. 1 aspects of attractive man. You can change difficult situation to chance with positive thinking.

This is useful in your job a well. From women’s point of view, skillful man is very attractive. There is one important thing when trying to be positive. “Appreciate even to a small thing”. It really can be anything. By appreciating, your brain secretes hormone of happiness.

You can feel satisfaction with small things as a result, and happiness is attracted more to you. Attractive man has good lucks. Let’s attract luck and fate with positive thoughts.


-Be good at listening

How do you behave when listening to people talking? Do you look into their eyes? Do you nod? Don’t you play with your smart phone? If you are doing one of them in front of women, you sure are not considered as interest of love.

You can change impression from now. To be a good listener, “line of sight” and “answer” are important. People will open their mind to you if you look into their eyes and nod, saying “really”, “I see”.

Here, looking into eyes is important as well. If you are talking with a woman, especially don’t forget to nod. And wait until she is finished talking before talking about yourself.

This makes a difference between attractive man and who is not. It depends on a subject of talking, but you should be careful when she is talking about her problem. Just listening and nodding can make her feel ease. Be empathetic. It will make you a good listener.


-Be a thoughtful person

Some people recognize even small things and be all that one could ask. Such people naturally give good impression to others. Many attractive men are naturally thoughtful people.

Then how can you be one of them? You should look around and pay attention to things around you regularly. Not only about yourself, but environment around you is also important in your life.

You can be a thoughtful person if you pay attention to environment around you. Being thoughtful is related to your personality, so know what you are like before you act.


-Be confident

This can be said as a decisive factor. A man without confidence is not attractive. There are many reasons you can’t be confident. Some come from past trauma. However, you can’t be an attractive person without overcoming it.

Then how can you be confident? It is very easy. “Love and believe yourself.” When you look up “confidence” in a dictionary, it is said “the belief that you have the ability to do things well or deal with situations successfully”. As it is said, only way to be confident is to believe yourself.

Person who hates himself can’t be confident. Everyone have individual characteristics, which are rough diamonds. How you shine them will make your original attractive factor.

Some people try hard to change their characteristics completely. There is no problem if they can find new themselves and can improve, but it means to destroy personality as well.

You will feel backlash when trying to destroy your character, and realize at some point that “I have nothing good at all”. This triggers a negative thoughts that lasts forever.

Treasure your personality, because it is you. You are the only one who can improve it. There is only one way to make your diamond shine, to love yourself. You can love anything.

Without accepting yourself, no one will love you. Live with confidence. This is the easiest, and yet the most effective way to be attractive.


Did you like it?

This article might became a chance for you to look back your ordinary everyday behaviors. If you know these 7 tips, you have nothing to be afraid of. Women around you will have totally different impression on you.

Please try from greeting. You can move to next steps as you feel good response. By being confident, you are ready to be an attractive man, so just move into action.



Learn small caring behaviors and be an attractive man!

-Say pleasant greetings
-Look into eyes when talking
-Be careful about appearances
-Think positively
-Be good at listening
-Be a thoughtful person
-Be confident


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