7 methods to get rid of painful & invisible anxiety.

 7 methods to get rid of painful and invisible anxiety.
Anxiety is invisible, and is difficult to get rid of it. However, it is not 100% harmful for you. Here are 7 methods to relieve your anxiety in good way.

 7 methods to get rid of painful
& invisible anxiety.


1. Make sure where the anxiety comes from.

First, think about the root of what makes you anxious. Not only the surface, think about it deep, and make sure what it is.

For example, when you cannot sleep worrying about the exam result, why do you worry about it? If you fail the exam, what is an actually problem? Think about whether your life ends or not with just one failing in exam.

In many cases, you are just being overanxious about the issue.

Knowing the root of the matter will take a load off a your mind.


2: Make a trip.

When you do not come to conclusion after turning the question over and over in your mind, make a trip.

To distance yourself from everyday bustle will release you from the stress.

Then you will see the problem objectively, and will find the way to get rid of it easily.

If possible, enjoy a lazy time in a rich natural environment.

My personal recommend is a place you can see innumerable stars in the sky. Stars will make you aware of how small your anxiety is.


3: Get some exercise.

Sitting with worry is not good for you. Get some exercise.

Moving your body will improve your blood circulation, and will change your perspective.

Long slow running is better than short running at full speed.

It is good for your health too. Even if you are too busy, you should find the time to cherish yourself before you fall into a depression.


4: Meet people as you can.

If you are in blues, stop withdrawing into your shell, and meet people as you can.

Your family, neighbors, managers of your favorite shops, and new people.

Community is necessary because everybody has worries.

No one is free from worries.

If some people seem to be worry-free, they are just not aware of their problems yet, or shutting their eyes to trouble. E

ven spirited people have worries. You will realize it through community.


5: Talk to your close friends.

Don’t build a wall around yourself! Take contact with your close friend, and talk to them right now!

If they do not listen to you, they are not close friends.

If you can have a heart-to-heart talk with them about even your embarrassing things, they are exactly close friends.

Confide your trouble to them, and have your unidentified burdens cleared!

Don’t wait until tomorrow. Call them right now!


6: Cherish your alone time.

If you are too busy and have built up anxiety, cherish your alone time.

Read a book, sing a song, do anything you like.

It is always your time, your life. You do not have to use it only for other people.

Of course, it is a bad habit caused by Japanese society.

In Western countries, most people take it for granted that they spend weekends resting and relaxing.

It may not be easy to do in Japan, but find your time in the Japanese system, in the Japanese way.

Then take a rest.

7: Enjoy beautiful things.

You may think “What? Is this the last advice?

This “beautiful things” means not only arts, but also “first-class” things including foods.

If you like music, go to concerts. If you like eating, go to restaurants.

They are not free, but it is not too expensive if they prevent provability of falling into a depression.

Why “first-class”? It is because it tugs on our heartstrings.

When we see or experience something beautiful, we take a deep breath of admiration, and are overwhelmed.

Keep that feeling as your treasure. It will sweep away your anxiety.
How did you find these methods?

Japanese economy is not very well yet, and the future is still uncertain.

Methods to get rid of anxiety are necessary to survive this society.

Don’t turn away from your worries. Just face and relieve them.
The mood of the whole Japanese society can be changed with your attitude.

Take action as the first step.

If you find something you can do, do it right now!



7 methods to get rid of painful & invisible anxiety.

– 1: Make sure where the anxiety comes from.
– 2: Make a trip.
– 3; Get some exercise.
– 4: Meet people as you can.
– 5: Talk to your close friends.
– 6: Cherish your alone time.
– 7: Enjoy beautiful things.



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