5 ways to control alpha waves to exploit your ability

5 ways to control alpha waves to exploit your ability
What image do you have of alpha waves? Many shops sell alpha wave-related goods as stress is an unavoidable part of life in modern society.

What exactly is an alpha wave?

It is a brain wave. Brainwaves are categorised in 4 categories and wave shape, frequency range and intrusion differ from each other. When we are awake, your brain becomes strained and this state is associated with beta waves.

On the other hand, alpha waves occur when we feel relaxed or meditate.

By the way, theta waves occur when something comes into our mind, and delta waves are associated with deep sleep.

An alpha wave is one type of 4 categories them and it is getting popular as it has a positive effect.
I’d like to talk about 5 ways to exploit your alpha waves. An alpha wave occurs when we relax mentally and physically. Even though ways to relax differ from person to person, we can contrive to exploit alpha waves.

 5 ways to control alpha waves to exploit your ability


1. Trying aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is the use of variety of things. Here are some examples.

① Aroma lamps
There are compact sized lamps sold at reasonable price. The lamps use a bowl to vaporize mixture of water and oil. I recommend citrus oil and it is effective to use it before sleeping. This method is used to stimulate alpha waves which will result in feelings of relaxation. It also helps moisturize dry skin.

② Essential oil for massage
You can have very good massage at a shop but it is not economical. You can give yourself a massage. Massage is effective for alpha waves and also helps poor blood circulation. You can kill two birds with one stone.

③ Aroma candles
Aroma candles can create a relaxing atmosphere and help you increase your alpha wave activity. Just be careful with fire. Alpha waves are associated with the state of meditation. Light a candle and just focus your mind.

④Bath treatment
With a few drops of aroma oils, your bath becomes spa treatment. Just relax in a lukewarm bath for 30 – 40 minutes and increase your alpha wave activity.


2. Listening to water sounds

The easiest way to listen to water sounds is to put a fish tank in your office or room. Listening water sounds helps you increase your alpha wave activity.

Listening to water sounds is also one of the ways to increase your alpha wave activity. There are variety types of water sounds such as waterfall sounds and river flowing sounds. But you don’t need to go on outing. You can feel relax at home using a fish tank. It is also good to listen to relaxation music. Music tempo should neither fast nor slow. The recommended tempo to relax is 116.

In addition, there are alpha wave CDs that use ocean wave sounds and bird songs. You may find your favourite one.


3. Yoga for relaxation

Today yoga is booming. There are many types of yoga, such as hot yoga and hatha yoga. You don’t need to go to yoga classes. You can do it in your room. Try to meditate deeply so that you can increase your alpha wave activity.

Breathing is an important part of yoga. Proper breathing can relax your muscles and stimulate your alpha waves. You don’t need a big space for yoga. The important thing is to concentrate on each pose and meditate. Yoga is also effective for weight loss.


4. Spa treatments

Baths can help relieve fatigue and improve blood circulation.

There are many spas in Japan. Spa is effective to increase alpha wave activity. Relax in spa and have a good rest. I also recommend stone sauna which is very popular nowadays. You can relieve strained brain by relaxing and stimulate your alpha waves. In addition, spa treatment is also recommended for stiff shoulders, irregular menstruation, rheumatism, back pain and so on.


5. Getting close to nature

We live on earth and can see the moon. The moonlight has an effect on humans such as cleansing. This is related to alpha waves. The moon can help relieve fatigue and strained brain and you may feel like being wrapped in moonlight.

We get sun during daytime and sleep at night. We get sun in the morning, activate our brain and start our day off. This is one of common events in everyday life but it is associated with alpha waves.

Do you look at seasonal flowers, see the blue sky or watch the sunset? You might be too busy to do it. However, it is effective to improve your alpha wave activity by getting close to nature. In fact, we have less chance of getting close to nature. Therefore, we can have a comfortable life or not, depending on how we increase our alpha wave activity.

There are beautiful oceans, mountains, rivers, animals, flowers and trees on earth. Why don’t you get close to nature?
It is essential to improve your alpha wave activity in order to live in today’s busy society. We use five senses every day. We get tired with all our senses fully switched on. The important thing is that we keep good balance of our alpha and beta waves. Let’s cope with stress in a healthy way.


5 ways to control alpha waves to exploit your ability

1. Trying aromatherapy
2. Listening to water sounds
3. Yoga for relaxation
4. Spa treatments
5. Getting close to nature
Let’s relax with wave sounds!
Listening to wave sounds is an easy way to relax. Let’s listen to the wave sounds which improve your alpha wave activity

Here is the sound of waves

This is not artificial sound, and this is real sound that was recorded and edited. The sound shown above is 2 minutes long, but the following one is 30 minutes long so that you can listen for a longer time.

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