Bye, Pain! 7 ways to adjust shoe size to fit your feet

Bye, Pain! 7 ways to adjust shoe size to fit your feet
You bought the pair of shoes because you liked it, but never wear it?  Recently, online shopping and outlet malls are getting popular.  Even if you find a pair with the same shoe size number as your regular pair at such stores, it does not always fit your feet as your regular pair.

When you find a tag saying “last pair,” you may come to think, “They are a bit tight, but it’ll be fine.  Why not buying the pair!”  Later, you will find out it is not fine and too tight to walk.
It will you make you feel down when there is no other option but giving up the pair.  For people who have an experience like this, here comes a surprising idea to have shoe size fit your feet.

Some of the idea below may not apply to all kinds of shoes, or may damage on your shoes more or less.  Yet, thinking about the fact you never wear those, it might worth to try some based on the principle of self-responsibility.

Bye, Pain! Seven ways to adjust shoe size to fit your feet


Too Loose? Adjust with Shoe Inserts

The royal road in case a pair is too big is shoe inserts. Although inserting shoe inserts will not make your shoes small, it will make the extra room in your shoes smaller and make you feel satisfied with your fit by keeping your feet from sliding or floating in the shoes.

You can find a variety of inserts: for only a part of a foot or for the whole foot; and with additional value like antibacterial and deodorant, spot-stimulation, and cushioning functions. For adjustment of your shoe size, it is recommended that you pick up simplest one whose size can be also adjustable by trimming away unwanted portion.

First, start with a toe pad type of insert. If such is not available, you can trim away a larger one.

Wear the shoe to check the size. If it is still too big, insert more of the pads. Wear and check every time you add a pad to adjust the size. Be sure to place the pads on the right place so that you will not be bothered by the inserts.


Too Loose? Adjust with a Cushion

You can use a shoe sizing cushion with an insole. A toe sizing stuffing in the toe area, an arch support, and heel grip sticking to use. As such, there are several types of cushions.

Recently, there even are low rebound resilience type of toe cushions which are popular among those who often wear high heels.

The heel grip is for preventing the heel from rubbing and slipping out of a shoe or sandal. Some people care the fact it appears when they take off their shoes.

Sometimes, sizing only with an insole may compress toes or the dorsum of the foot. Then, it is an idea to use a cushion along with an insole to sizing the toe or heel area.

Because of a shoe not in your size, a gap in the place of the arch is often created. In that case, inserting an arch support will provide additional relief in your shoe.


Too Loose? Try Some Shoe Lacing

Lace up shoes like sneakers, their fit can be adjusted by their lacing.

First, loosely lace through 2 sets of eyelet (4 eyelets per shoe) closest to you; then, insert your foot and sit in a chair. Point your toe up in the air and hit your heel on the floor to fit inside the shoe.

Place your hands along the sides of the shoe and fit the shoe to your foot rubbing it toward the dorsum. Then, take up any extra slack but don’t pull too tight.

The closest 2 eyelets are tied by double eyelet to secure the heel. Lace up from the bottom of the second closest eyelet to you straight to the first eyelet on the same side and push it through from the top and make an arch there. Put the lace through the first eyelet through the arch across the side. Do the same with the other end of the lace.

Pull the laces downward and tie. The point is to keep lifting the heel till you finish. This method is perfect for athletes because the lace will hardly get lose, and thus, it keeps a good fit long.


Too Tight? Try Shoes Stretcher

If your shoes are too tight, you can stretch them. Though it is usually hard to adjust the length, it is possible to adjust the width if you use a shoe-stretching tool, a shoe stretcher.

A stretcher that can stretch a whole shoe looks like a shoe keeper with a knob. It is made of wood or hard material with 2 parts separated in the middle.

You can turn the knob to adjust the stretcher that gradually opens rightward and leftward for width adjustment.

A spot shoe stretcher is for an area that partially rubs your feet. Some look like pliers and others works as adding a special part to a full stretcher.

When stretching a leather shoe, apply leather stretcher spray to relax the leather before stretching, which will ease stretching and protect the leather.

Be sure to go through its product description and try a little with a rear side of the shoe to see whether it leaves a stain.


Too Tight? Apply Shoe Cream

The more frequently wear it, the more satisfactory fit the pair of shoe. But it takes long with any day and any weather, which helps the leather fiber become relaxed with moist and the shoe memorize the shape of your foot.

Although moist makes the leather soft, you cannot pour pore tab water directly on your shoe. The shoe stretch spray whose main content is moisture is not always at hand.

Then, try shoe (delicate) cream that is a cure-all medicine. The main element of such cream is also moisture. Since it supplies oil appropriately as well, it will not damage the leather.

Apply the cream with a little more than ordinary application before wearing the shoes. You do not have to apply thick. Then, wear the shoes for a while. Make this routine a custom before wearing them for out until they fits your foot.

In case that you stretch only a part of a shoe, applying the cream to the whole shoe is recommended. It the shoe gets stretched in connection with the other parts and subtle change of color due to its small content of oil will not be outstanding if any.


Too Tight? Apply Hyaluronic Acid Lotion

There are many new graduate employees in this season. They may not have any leather stretch spray or delicate cream. Or, they do not even know such thing.

If possible purchasing the delicate cream for later use. Anyway, in a case of emergency where there is no place to get such materials, hyaluronic acid lotion is recommended.

Hyaluronic acid is contained in the skin; and thus, goes along with the leather. Yet, since such lotion is not for shoe and there is a risk of stains, apply it on a self-responsibility basis and do not repeatedly use it.

Be sure to check whether it causes loss of color with a part that is not seen outside. Apply some over the whole shoes before wearing them. Due to properties of lotion, it is absorbed with small amount. Then, wear the shoes for a while.

It is desirable if you repeat the process every time you wear them. Stop using the lotion and change it to shoe cream or spray as soon as you get it.


Too Tight? Try Hairdryer

It is a bit difficult to adjust tight artificial leather and patent shoes. Never apply leather shoe cream or spray that may cause stains. The shoes do not absorb water.

In a case like this, use a hairdryer gently blowing the shoes. Before wearing them, heat the shoes with a hairdryer. You can heat the shoe in the areas where it is tight.

When the shoes get soft, wear them before they get cool, which is important. Be sure not to burn yourself. Besides, the heat of hairdryer may damage the shoes if it a dryer gets too close to them.

This might not good for a busy morning, but it is more effective if you warm the shoe gradually. Make this routine a custom before you wear the shoes.


How are these methods?

You might be able to adjust the shoes that does not fit your feet. Combination of the above methods might be beneficial. Trying a couple of easy ones is economical in time and money.

Hope your favorite shoes which you never worn become a really favorite pair.



Bye, Pain! 7 ways to adjust shoe size to fit your feet

Too Loose? Adjust with Shoe Inserts
Too Loose? Adjust with a Cushion
Too Loose? Try Some Shoe Lacing
Too Tight? Try Shoes Stretcher
Too Tight? Apply Shoe Cream
Too Tight? Apply Hyaluronic Acid Lotion
Too Tight? Try Hairdryer

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