7habits bring in happiness ~the ways to win over luck~

7habits bring in happiness ~the ways to win over luck~
Anybody wishes once at least that it would be so wonderful living a life dramatically like main characters in Manga who are always popular and live in happiness. 


But you might give up the thoughts right away because feel it’s unreal.

Yet, when you are seeing and hearing happiness stories from not only your friends but also people by TWITTER, FACEBOOK, and all other internet sites, you would feel it would be so nice if you can be like them too.


Though of course you know these kinds of stories merely happen to you in a real life,

like The Prince Charming suddenly appears in front of you tomorrow, then he turns out to be amillionaire’s grandson, just like the Cinderella, you start a life as Hollywood celebrity…

Or, in passing another you bump into such a beautiful girl on the way to work or school … then two fall in love and girls crash on you one another, uninteresting guy you think yourself become a hot guy all of a sudden.

These rarely happen to you, don’t they?

It’s truly hard to make 「100」from 「0」all of a sudden, but you can take fortune brings you happiness by making good habits step by step in every days of life. 

You may do it consciously at first, but it’ll become unconscious actions and become the part of your lifestyle naturally.

Then like steering of a ship, your way of future moving right now will change toward a happiness way slowly.

Our future is created by what we are doing in right this moment , slow but steady wins the race. So please just take a look at the article first.In this article , We tip off 7habits we definitely want you to have to bring in happiness in your future.


Let’s begin!


7habits bring in happiness ~the ways to win over luck~


The habit brings in happiness 1  To get close with happiness people 

If a positive person is near from you, somehow that spirit influences you. 
Acording to the research of San Diego school, California University, if there is a positive friend within 1 mile from you, your possibility of being happy goes up 25%.
Although values of happiness can change by people or era , a person who sees things positively tends to make surrounding people happy, and sharing time with those friends regularly makes your own happiness. Birds of a feather flock together, try to think like yawn or tears are infected. 


The habit brings in happiness 2 To pull out a TV’ power cord 

This is a simple way, but effective. 
According to the analysis of long-span data which has taken 34years at Maryland University , there is a report that people think themselves very happy watch TV less more 10 % than people who think they are happy to some extent. 

TV might fun for temporary, but in a long term, a degree of satisfaction is low, and your ability to think by yourself is getting weak so that your activities become passive. 
Moreover, don’t forget the riskiness of decreasing opportunities to have talk with your family and friends, or to go out with them because of the temporary satisfaction of watching TV. 
A dining table with watching and listening TV programs or seeing and chatting with family, 
which looks happier to you? 


The habit brings in happiness 3  To put a proof of moments you shine in places you can see

Put a proof which you gain something, like an honorable certificate and a trophy, a certificate of certain qualification or the pictures in your brilliant days at places you usually catch your eye. 

You satisfy your desire to be in the limelight by yourself. By seeing them time to time, you can recall your memories at that time and it uplifts your feelings and also create a good mental state. 

Maybe you might notice there are quite many things which admire themselves such as the honorable certificates, the trophies, and the pictures in home of the presidents and the businessmen. 

We can see now that it’s very reasonable. 
So try to do the same thing. 


The habit brings in happiness 4  To laugh a lot 

Do you know that boring puns so called “oyaji gyagu” are actually good for your health? 
A boss making unfunny jokes …in spite of surrounding people, he or she laughs a lot and seems to be so powerful and cheerful.
Why laughing is good for our health? 

In scientific explanation, laughing reduces blood pressure and hormones cause a stress , while increase secretion of endorphin which feels happiness. 

Today, laughing is introduced as the treatment for disease such as cancer.

Of course laughing naturally will improve your feelings instead of by laughing forcibly. This is so simple yet effective way , so please remember it! 


The habit brings in happiness 5 To give a treat or donate a bit 

We are able to buy happiness for only 10 yen. For instance, we can get a great happiness by donating 10 yen into a donation box at the side of a cash register from out of our own purse after shopping, better than by picking up 10 yen at a road side. 

We can feel pleasure by a contribution like we did something for somebody or did a good thing to society. 

Doing good things makes you feel good too! 

Giving someone a treat or donating is just it! By the way you don’t have to give a treat or donate large amount of money. The action itself is important. 


The habit brings in happiness 6  To expose yourself

When someone is lying or hiding something , we feel discord and have an uncomfortable feeling unconsciously. 

For example, seeing a fat person who looks more fat because of unfitted tight clothes, a person wearing a wig you can see clearly or a person who lies own social status or position…you somehow may feel uncomfortable with those people. 

Although many people don’t aware of this that those actions burden not only the person you are with, but also yourself lying and hiding. 
So it means nobody will benefit from those acts. 

A lately study also showed that hiding our own faults gives people a negative impression .

Do you want to be friends with a person hiding or trying to hide something? Do you want to be with such a person? 

Probably no … right? 
So expose yourself first ! 
As a result, your relationship between people will be getting better gradually. 


The habit brings in happiness 7  To compliment each other , make a relationship to be complimented .


It’s so easy to look down on other people or speak ill of someone . Though these acts certainly will come back to ourselves someday. 
That is retribution. 

So why don’t you do good things? Compliment, encourage and support people. These acts are also coming back to you. 
Again, this is retribution. 

Make a good community around you and expand a happy chain! The key is taking part in the activities and compliment people and to be complimented by others. When you cheer up and encourage people, they will do the same things . 
If such a community is getting big from you, don’t you think a wonderful future is waiting for you? 


Now , how did you think about this article?
Practice make perfect, apply what you can as if you are tricked.
Slow but steady wins the race, as you keep practicing , you will be able to win fortune over your side naturally and have happiness. We hope tomorrow is much happier than today for you.


Summary 7habits bring in happiness ~the ways to win over luck~

 1 【To get close with happiness people 】
 2【To pull out a TV’ power cord 】
 3 【To put a proof of moments you shine in places you can see】
 4 【To laugh a lot 】
 5【To give a treat or donate a bit 】
 6 【To expose yourself】
 7 【To compliment each other , make a relationship to be complimented 】


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