7 ways to get rid of dry scalp

7 ways to get rid of dry scalp
Do you suffer from hair loss or thinning hair? If so, it may be caused by dry scalp that is caused by a lack of sebum. Sebum decreases with age. For example, sebum production in 40s is almost half of in 20s. For anti aging, why don’t you try scalp care?

7 ways to get rid of dry scalp


1. Shampoo for dry scalp

There are three types of shampoo.
– Amino acid shampoo : for dry scalp
– Shampoo containing alcohol : for oily scalp
– Shampoo bars : for normal to oily scalp

If your scalp is dry, choose amino acid one, especially natural and mild acid one.

And it is important to ensure that no shampoo residue remains.


How to shampoo your hair

– Brush hair first in order to remove dirt easily.
– Massage scalp to improve blood circulation in he surface of scalp
– Wash hair with water
– Shampoo hair
– Massage scalp using fingers.
Neckline → back of head → side of head → top of head → front of head → hairlines
– Rinse hair and make sure that no shampoo residue remains.
– Distribute conditioner through hair not scalp. Ensure that no conditioner residue remains. There are some products that keep scalp moist.
– Dry hair to strengthen heir
Towel-dry and use a dryer with hot air. Blow with cold air to close cuticle.


2. Head spa

At a hair salon, head spa includes cleansing and massaging your scalp. There are many acupuncture points in head, so it can improve blood flows and make you relax. However, we can’t go to a salon frequently. So here is how to do head spa at home.

Head spa with oil
Help treat dry scalp and remove all dirt

Things you need : camellia oil (camellia oil oxidises slower than others)

You need to do twice, before washing your hair and after washing and towel-drying.
1. Warm and combine oil and some water between your hands.
2. Apply to scalp and massage with pulp of fingers. When doing spa before washing your hair, wrap your hair in a towel. It can help remove dirt.

Also, there is a product that you can do head spa at home.
Panasonic scalp aesthetic brush


3. Sleep

Hair matrix cells divide more rapidly around 9:00pm. And hair grows faster around 10:00pm to 2:00am. Therefore, you should go to bed before 12:00am. A good sleep can also make you able to tackle stress easily.


4. Nutrition

It is important to give your hair roots nutrition to get healthy hair. The nutrients for hair growth are protein, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. So you need to take beans, sesame seeds, seaweed, vegetables, fish, mushrooms, potatoes. They are good for anti aging, diet, and health.

And in order to have healthy hair, iodine which makes thyroid hormone is essential. It is one of minerals that is related to regeneration. You can take iodine from seaweeds, blue backed fish, nuts, chicken and pork.


5. Exercise

Exercises are good for not only health but hair. You can improve blood flows and have healthy scalp by aerobic exercise, such as walking, easy muscle exercise, and swimming. It is also effective for relaxing so that you can have a good sleep. Try 20 minutes a day and 3-5 times per week.


6. Stop smoking

Nicotine and tar in cigarette damage blood circulations. It also affect blood flow in scalp, so can lead to hair loss. Also, it can lower antioxidant defence system.


7. Immune strength

When you are under stress physically or mentally, you might suffer from hair loss.

In order to strengthen immune system
– Improve intestinal environment
– Do not cool you down
– Have a long bath
– Always smile (try big smile. You can sleep well if you smile especially before going to bed.)


On TV programme, someone said that it is important to keep your shoes or hair looking good. So enjoy current hair fashion but don’t forget to keep your hair healthy.



7 ways to get rid of dry scalp

1. Shampoo for dry scalp
2. Head spa
3. Sleep
4. Nutrition
5. Exercises
6. Stop smoking
7. Immune strength

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