7 love psychologies work in your favor !

7 love psychologies work in your favor !
You want to be with a person you love and make sweet memories by knowing each other a lot. Though there might be a high hurdle to make the person interest in you. Why those dreams and wishes that you want to do don’t go well as you hope?

For instance,
Differences of type 
Differences of thought 
Differences of favor 

You may think that ( I have many friends but when it becomes a love, somehow I can’t make a good relationship though it’s the same in the meaning associating with … )

A love relationship may mean finding your life partner unlike making friends, so it’s natural to be careful. That might be why a love relationship is more difficult than a friendship.

Although if you won’t do anything, your life won’t be change after 5 years or 10 years ether. It’s lonely isn’t it ?

So start acting and know the ways that make a person interest in you step by step. Today we introduce you love psychology we definitely recommend you to master.


7 love psychologies work in your favor !


1: Mirroring

How did you acquire your thoughts and behavior ? 
If you think that you have acquired them by yourself, it’s a big mistake. 

Almost most of people become to themselves by trying to do the same thing unconsciously of others who influence you. Your parent’s habits, thoughts, behavior, or ethics are the representative.

In other words you have done mirroring your parent unconsciously. This mirroring works in favor of love. Because we are getting to like a person unconsciously who has the same thoughts and behavior. How do you apply this?

It is only doing the same move of the person. 

When the person moves the hands, you move your hands too.
When the person moves the neck, you move your neck too. 
By mirroring the person’s move, the person is getting to have affection for you and it works in favor of love. If you think that is it really possible, try it to your friend first. 


2: Find out a common point

For example, how many common points do you have with your friends?

It is not exaggerate to say that the number of common points =the probability you can have a close relationship.

In other words, if you can have only a few common points, the possibility you can get to know the person will decrease.Therefore, it is so important to find the common point. When you meet someone for the first time and don’t know what to talk, 
Hobbies or the place you or the person live 
The schools you or the person went to 
etc, try to find a common topic. 
To find a common point, we recommend you to make a list includes such as your own hobbies, the place you live, your character, your favorite food or place etc…so that you will be able to be ready to talk about them anytime and the possibilities you can find the common points will increase. 

3: Sympathy

There are some parts which links 2, but people always have something such as 
Things that the person want someone to listen to 
The person’s problems or things to worry about 
Things that the person want to someone to sympathize

It is very important that how much you can understand and sympathize with the person when you are talking with someone. 
When you sympathize, the person will feel that you are understanding him/her and think that it’s nice to talk with you. Then, you will be able to have a deeper conversation with the person. 


4: Open the information from your side

Which person do you want to get to know each other, a person who hides the personal matters obstinately or a person who talks to you the various things including 
himself/herself ? There is no such thing as a perfect person in this world.

When a person sees someone’s both sides such as strength and weakness, success and failure, a person is attracted to that person.

If a couple has a lot of money but only pretend to be a good husband and wife without understanding each other in a real meaning, they can’t be happy. However if they don’t have much money , the couple is happy when they tell there thoughts openly and laugh each other. The basis of love is sharing each other’s emotions, so open your heart from your side for him/her.


5: A place 

Where do you think as your date spot? 
This is the ranking of the places for dating that we quoted from a certain site.

1: Amusement parks, aquariums
2: A movie theater, a concert
3: Driving to (sea, mountain, river) 
4: Skyscrapers, a night view
5: A restaurant, dining 
6: Shopping 
7: A bar, a lounge
8: Hot springs, sightseeing
9: Parks, taking a walk
10: Sports

You might thought that “OK ! Then I will take her to an amusement park or a movie !”by looking at this list, but wait !

By selecting the place, it is changed greatly that you can have a close relationship with the person or not. 
・A quiet place if you want to have a long talk with the person 
・A lively place if you want to have lots of fun with the person
etc…, you should choose a place in the situation depending on relations and character with the person.

You will be able to build a close relationship with the person by selecting a suitable place depending on the time and situation. 


6: Frequency

It is said that a person tends to prefer someone more depending on the number of times than the hours they met. ( There are many reports and studies about this.) 

For example, if you see someone for 60 minutes, you tend to prefer the person when you see him/her for 6 minutes a day for 10 days than for 60 minutes a day. Therefore, if you have somebody you are attracted to, try to contact him/her by frequency than time. 

In the business world, it is said 「 Go to the companies to show your face even if it’s only for 5 minutes !!」and actually this is very logical action. 


7: A position to sit

Actually, this has a big impact on you too. You might sit in front of the person, because you want to see his/her her face a lot… but we don’t recommend this very much. Because facing each other unconsciously tends to have hostility. That is why successful business people mostly sit diagonally in front of there partner.

In a love situation, we recommend you to sit the next to the person.

In this case, you can’t see the person’s face unless he/she turns around, but you will be able to have a close relationship without letting the person has hostility. 


Well, how did you think?
They are all easy to apply in a daily life, so please try any of them you want to do from Today.


7 love psychologies work in your favor !

1: Use mirroring well
2: Find a common point
3: Sympathize with the person
4: Open the information from your side
5: Choose a place by TPO
6: Contact frequently
7: Sit the next to the person


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