Daily 5 steps Learn how to up your motivation.

Daily 5 steps Learn how to motivate yourself.
Even when the deadline is approaching, we often lose a drive for the task.

With these 5 steps, you can learn how to motivate yourself in the daily life.


Daily 5 steps Learn how to up your motivation.


1: Use the image training.

Image training is exactly the act of concentration, so it helps you to concentrate.

This is effective for people who can keep concentration once they have focused.

It works even if they usually cannot focus easily.

In addition, repeating the work method in mind improves work efficiency dramatically.

This is the “kill two birds with one stone” method.


2: Think about the advantage you will get from doing that.

When you lose your motivation, you may have other things you want to do, or may hate to spend your labor on that task.

In other words, you see only disadvantages.

In that case, turning your consciousness to advantages helps you to concentrate efficiently.

For example, connecting the task with your profits will work.

“If I do this task, I will receive a high evaluation.” “After finishing this task, I’ll be able to do what I want to do without anxiety.” and so on.

You can connect it with other things you are going to do to motivate yourself.

Anyway, to think about advantages for other tasks is helpful to motivate yourself.

It is better than thinking about it as a single task.


3: Make your environment suitable for work.

When the workspace is not prepared well, your spirits can be beaten.

For example, a messy room can make you lose your motivation to start a new task.

Starting with setting the workspace well is helpful to motivate yourself and concentrate.
In addition, lack of necessary materials can make you lose your enthusiasm, even if you are eager to do the task.

It is because perhaps you are not eager to collect the materials.

Prepare your environment carefully before you start something.


4: Make a schedule.

A heavy workload can defeat you, and make you think, “This work seems endless.

I feel I’m just wasting my efforts…

” Under this situation, who could motivate themselves?

Although the deadline is approaches moment by moment, large quantities of tasks are not done yet, and finally you start to haste in the latter part of the schedule.

You have to carry out them without any enthusiasm.

However, you can escape from the negative spiral of motivation by making a schedule.

The method is very simple.

All you have to do is sectioning the process and laying them out.

Just set a daily quota and clear it on the first day, the second day, and so on.

Once the schedule is set, you will not lose your drive anymore.

Your motivation arises naturally because you can do anything you like after finishing the quota.


5: Take a break with foods and drinks

What you intake in your body is important to raise your motivation.

If you do not have breakfast, your motivation will be low since lack of minimum grape sugar for the activity of your brain.

If you cannot have breakfast, take some sugars or carbohydrates 30 minutes before you start working.

It is not perfect breakfast, but it will help your brain to work and concentrate.

Smoking has no effect on motivation, but sometimes it acts as a placebo in enhancing concentration.

It means proper breaks are important actions to motivate yourself.



These are 5 steps to learn how to motivate yourself. How did you find them?



Human concentration can be kept for only about 60 minutes.

Even if you are so enthusiastic, it may turn to meaningless when you cannot maintain your concentration.

Forcing yourself to work for hours to raise your drive is not efficient.

With these methods, lay your enthusiasm out neatly, carry out your tasks steadily, and enjoy them.



Daily 5 steps Learn how to up your motivation.

– 1: Use the image training.
– 2: Think about the advantage you will get from doing that.
– 3: Make your environment suitable for work.
– 4: Make a schedule.
– 5: Take a break with foods and drinks.



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